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Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia


Investment type:

Equity, consortium, joint venture, partnership, other



Space industry – ground station infrastructure


Project status:

Investor ready

The opportunity

1. Commercial Ground Station infrastructure

Multiple sites available for commercial ground station infrastructure projects at the Centre for Appropriate Technology’s (CfAT) 38 hectare Heath Road site. Competitive advantages:

  • more than 250 clear sky days per year
  • clear line of sight 5o above the horizon
  • very low background light pollution (sky quality meter readings above 20)
  • 1GBPS optical fibre cable on-site
  • mains power 500Kv transformer
  • 100m2 of office space available

2. Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS)

CfAT offers satellite operators the opportunity to utilise CfAT’s antenna to command, downlink and rapidly distribute valuable earth observation and remote sensing data in a timely and secure manner in the L, S, X and Ka Bands. CfAT’s antenna can downlink or uplink to independent satellites over Australia or alternatively connect to Viasat’s Real Time Earth Observation Network.

Commercial ground station infrastructure at the Centre for Appropriate Technology’s (CfAT) 38 hectare Heath Road site. The site has space available for two to three additional ground station developments.

A proven location

CfAT currently hosts:

  • Geoscience Australia’s earth observation ground station, consisting of two 9m antennas
  • Viasat commercial ground station comprising two 7.3m antennas and associated infrastructure which forms part their global Real-Time Earth network
  • ArianeGroup’s optical telescope expanding its GeoTracker space situational awareness network.

CfAT Satellite Enterprises Ltd

CfAT Satellite Enterprises is a wholly owned subsidiary of CfAT. It can:

  • construct ground station facilities to a high standard
  • provide facilities maintenance services.
  • source equity finance to fund the development of commercial satellite ground station infrastructure on its Alice Springs property (for example, Viasat's $6 million development was financed through a loan to CfAT Satellite Enterprises from their funding partner).

For further information on the space industry in the Northern Territory, go to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade website.

Contact details

Claire George
Executive Director Investment Attraction
Investment Territory
Phone: +61 8 8999 5369

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Updated 17 February 2022