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Transcript of video

[Background music]

[Moving image of the earth highlighting the location of the Northern Territory]

On screen text: Northern Territory

[Images of a ground station, launch site and satellite]

Voiceover: Australia’s Northern Territory is ideally placed to host key infrastructure and services for the global space industry, with competitive advantages in:

  • launch services, for rockets and stratospheric ballooning
  • ground stations and
  • space technology development and testing.

On screen text: Ground stations

[Aerial view of Alice Springs, footage of the night sky, ground stations, the Centre of Appropriate Technology and image of the Viasat facility site plan]

Voiceover: The Territory’s geographic and climatic conditions and very low background light and radio frequency pollution, make it an ideal location for ground stations.

This is why US multinational Viasat partnered with Alice Springs-based CfAT Satellite Enterprises and Indigenous Business Australia to construct another ground station for its global Real-Time Earth Network.

Alice Springs is also home to one of the ground stations that forms part of the global Landsat Network, with CfAT Satellite Enterprises providing facilities maintenance.

CfAT Satellite Enterprises has the capacity to host two to three additional ground stations, and also has access to equity finance.

[Moving image of the earth showing the location of the Northern Territory]

On screen text: Where anything is possible

Voiceover: Australia’s Northern Territory is a place where anything is possible. The opportunities, like space, are boundless.

[Australia’s Northern Territory Government logo and The Territory Boundless Possible logo]

Updated 17 February 2022