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Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, Australia


Investment type:

Long term lease - greenfield



Agribusiness, land and property, tourism


Project status:

Investor ready

The opportunity

The Land Development Corporation is working with the Tiwi Land Council and the Tiwi Aboriginal Land Trust to support economic development on the Tiwi Islands by providing the private sector with investment opportunities through the Tiwi Development Framework Agreement.

There are a range of development opportunities available on the Tiwi Islands, via long term leases of up to 99 years.

There are a range of business models that may be suitable for investment including private ownership and a joint venture with the Tiwi people.

Tourism: Quality tourism and / or residential developments that embrace the Tiwi culture and natural resources of the islands.

Aquaculture: An abundant supply of pristine fresh and sea water provides ideal aquaculture conditions.

Agriculture: It is rare to find this amount of greenfield land with pristine ground water. The Tiwi Islands create a natural biodiversity due to its isolation from the mainland with existing port infrastructure and barge services.

Industrial: There are a range of industrial opportunities on both Melville and Bathurst Islands that will pave the way for ensuring growth in the Tiwi Islands.

Why the Territory

The Tiwi Islands are an ecologically rich and primarily pristine environment that provides a unique backdrop for development.

The Tiwi people encourage development that provides the opportunity to re-engage with the land and provide opportunities for economic and social self-reliance.

Access: Made up of the two large, relatively undeveloped islands of Bathurst and Melville, the Tiwi Islands are strategically located only 70kms north of Darwin, the closest Australian capital city to Asian markets, and are readily accessible by plane, barge and ferry.

Climate: Like most of the Territory, there are two seasons during the year - wet and dry. The dry season is from May to October and the wet season is from November to April.

Environment: The Tiwi Islands are around 7800 square kilometres, which is ten times the size of Singapore. With a population of only 2600 people or 0.1% of the population of Singapore, the coastline comprises 1000kms of pristine beaches, headlands and sunsets.

Attractions and activities: The Tiwi Islands have a range of attractions and accommodation options including popular fishing lodges, art centres, native wildlife and cultural museums.

Contact details

Hannah Barraza
Business Director
Land Development Corporation
Phone: +61 8 8944 0900

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Updated 17 February 2022