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Industries based on creativity, skill and talent that have a potential for wealth and job creation through generating intellectual property make up this sector. Recognised by the Australian Government as a key sector that contributes to the economy through cultural diversity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and technological advancement.

The NT is known nationally and internationally for unique landscapes, Aboriginal communities, culture and art. There are significant opportunities to harness these features to expand this sector in areas including:

  • visual and performing arts
  • digital media / multimedia, such as film, television and radio
  • computer animation
  • web design
  • music
  • architecture and urban design
  • industrial design
  • designer fashion
  • food culture
  • writing
  • publishing
  • advertising
  • creative software.

Museum master plan

The 10-year museums master plan for Darwin and Palmerston guides future investment, services and programs for the region’s museum sector.

The museum sector covers museums, galleries, libraries, art centres, keeping places and archives, and stakeholder consultation with the sector has informed the delivery of the master plan.

To find out more on the master plan, go to the Creative Economy website.

Enabling Infrastructure

State Square Art Gallery

Updated 17 February 2022