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The Northern Territory is at the frontline of Australia’s national security and plays a pivotal strategic role in defence training, innovation and logistics.

The proximity to the equator, close links to Asia, established training facilities, low electromagnetic fields paired with fewer flight paths and commercial flights sets us apart from our neighbours.

Our digital innovation has been recognised by local and international defence and investment into a highly secure, high speed terabit network plus sub-sea cables connecting the Territory to Singapore, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Japan and the United States sets us ahead of our competition.

Defence investment into the region exceeds $2 billion, with around 5000 uniformed personal and their families calling the Territory home. This provides significant opportunities for private sector investment to support the infrastructure, supply and service needs of this sector.

With industry supporting the Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force in areas such as:

  • marine supply
  • heavy engineering
  • electrical and control systems
  • repairs and maintenance
  • logistics networks
  • construction activity
  • ship repair services
  • welding
  • engineering design and consulting services
  • scientific testing and analysis services
  • metals and materials fabrication
  • mechanical
  • electronic and electrical
  • water transport
  • security and technology services
  • manufacturing
  • logistics
  • transport
  • warehousing
  • food and beverage services

As part of a $20 billion Defence commitment, $8 billion between 2016 and 2025 will fund Defence infrastructure and facilities creating opportunities for small to medium sized NT businesses to secure long-term work.

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Enabling infrastructure:

Updated 17 February 2022