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Renewable Energy

The Territory is in a unique position to influence the uptake of renewable energy, creating a transparent and commercial environment for investment within this growing sector.

With less than 10% of current electricity supply in the Territory generated from renewable sources, there are ample investment opportunities to help drive the Territory towards a sustainable energy driven future, and support the NT Government achieve its goal of 50% renewables for electricity supply by 2030.

A well-suited climate and geography makes the most widely used renewable energy resource for power generation in the Territory solar. This resource captured better in locations south of Darwin due to comparatively less cloud cover in the wet season.

Australia has the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world, with the strongest of these residing in the Territory, with an average annual solar radiation of 22 to 24 MJ per square metre.

Home to the largest multi-technology solar demonstration facility in the southern hemisphere. Located in Alice Springs at the Desert Knowledge Australia’s Solar Centre. Desert Knowledge Australia is also home to the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy. This renewable energy hub has been established to share knowledge, educate and engage with the community, and facilitate industry partnerships and technology commercialisation.

Opportunities exist for new large-scale renewable generation and energy storage in the Darwin-Katherine power system to increase renewables in energy supply. Unlocking opportunities for new and emerging technologies that will lower costs and allow an orderly transition from the current ageing generator capacity.

The Roadmap to Renewables policy supports opportunities for the renewable energy industry to grow in the Territory. To learn more visit

Updated 17 February 2022