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Northern Territory, Australia


Investment type:

Diverse including direct ownership, joint venture / equity partnership and passive investment





Project status:



Project status:


The opportunity

The preeminent opportunity to participate in the beef and cattle industry is through the purchase of pastoral lease - land holdings dedicated to the production of livestock.

Pastoral leases cover almost 45% of the Northern Territory, and are diverse in their soils, climate and pasture production, with each of these factors influencing the production and business models of the enterprise.

Why the Territory

The Territory beef and cattle industry is a long-standing, established sector with demonstrated returns on investment, as well as documented potential for growth in both production and market access.

The industry has access to diverse markets through dedicated logistics chains, is situated close to the expanding Asian market and has a worldwide reputation for producing premium beef with the highest standards of product integrity underpinned by internationally recognised product traceability and consumer assurance systems.

The Northern Territory Government actively supports the industry with policy that supports growth and diversification of the industry, and actively encourages new entrants into the market.

Sector snapshot

  • The average pastoral lease is 2500 square kilometres in size and carries an average of 8000 head of cattle.
  • The Territory sells around 600 000 head of cattle per year, with 400 000 sold live to South East Asia, and a further 200 000 head sold into domestic markets in eastern and southern Australia.
  • The Darwin Port is the busiest live export port in the world, and is ideally located to capitalise on growing demand for red meat in the Asian region.

Brahman cattle standing

North - Bos indicus including Brahman, Brahman cross and tropical composites which are generally live exported through the Darwin port.

British breed cattle standing

South - Bos taurus or British breeds which are processed for Australian and export markets.

Contact details

Claire George
Executive Director Investment Attraction
Investment Territory

Phone: +61 8 8999 5369

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Updated 17 February 2022